CBD: We discover why cannabidiol is a completely legal product.

Is it legal to use cannabis extracts? Hollywood and literary authors have for decades transmitted a vision of the cannabis world. We imagine fields protected by drug traffickers, exhilarating and action-ridden adventures, secret gardens maintained by sweet old ladies,  and many more…

The different use of this plant has also been subject to much story-telling - some completely legal and others less so (depending on the country). 

One of the most common errors is to confuse CBD with THC. Both are components of the marihuana plant but each reacts differently with the body and each are treated differently by the law. In the last few years cannabidiol has received tremendous interest from the scientific community as well as from individuals around the globe.   

We invite you to contact us for more information! For us at The Green Honey it is important to highlight that all products sold by The Green Honey are completely legal and void of any substances considered illegal.

Our products are subject to the strictest controls to ensure the therapeutic benefits in a completely legal manner.